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    Address: Maimianqiao Jishigang
    Haishu Ningbo
    Zhejiang, China

    About us

    Ningbo Xingning Handicrafts Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the western suburbs of the open coastal city of Ningbo denominated as "Rush Township" by the Ministry of Agriculture. The company is 8km away from the airport and train station, and 25km away from the Beilun Harbour which enjoys the name as " The Dream is Alive". Under this circumstance, Xingning Handcraft Industrial Co., Ltd possess the excellent environment for investment and convenient transportation of land, water and air.

    Our company has Import and Export right and is approved by the Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Enterprises Association. The affiliated company Ningbo Gold Arts & Crafts Co. Ltd. is specialized in the production of Tatami, straw products and fiber products.

    The company has ranked as the "Advanced Agricultural Leading Enterprise" of Zhejiang. Based on the rich straw resource and the advantage of centuries-old brand as well as advanced equipment and technology...Detail>>